PMI is taking a breather

Since June 2019 I am working as a full time permanent Telstra employee.

I am engaged as a Lean Coach, responsible for working with Telstra personnel in the Networks and Infrastructure unit.

PMI is still a registered company but is not actively trading.

Please feel free to email me or friend me on LinkedIn.

Profile for Robert Lamb

 Phone: +61 419 368 734 
 Email:rlamb at pmi-aus dot com dot au

Inactive Roles

Principal – Process Management International (Australia)

Associate – Imre Hegedus Consulting

Associate – Systemix

Facilitator – Australian Graduate School of Management Executive Education


  • MA (Psychology), Cambridge University
  • Master of Management (Organisational Systems), Monash University
  • Six Sigma Black Belt

Robert has over 20 years of experience as a consultant and trainer in business process management and process improvement in Australia, Asia and the UK. His professional practice draws upon methodologies incorporating six sigma and lean principles within a systems thinking framework. Robert’s prior experience spanned 15 years in a variety of technical, marketing and consulting roles in Information Technology. 

Specialist Expertise

  • Coaching, consulting, facilitating and training in participative process improvement and process management methods, including process mapping, process analysis including mapping of value streams, accountability, and technology, customer requirements analysis, statistical methods, quality assurance, and enterprise architecture.
  • Application of W Edwards Deming’s “System of Profound Knowledge” as a basis for understanding processes and organisations.
  • Organisation Development incorporating systems thinking approaches.
  • Facilitating group learning using process improvement tools, the 7 Management and Planning tools, the Viable Systems Model, causal loop diagramming, system dynamics models, and other systems thinking techniques. 
  • Business Analysis, design and development of information systems to support business process monitoring diagnosis and improvement.
  • Design and development of ISO 9000 compliant quality management systems.

Relevant Experience

  • Recent BPM projects with IHC in Research Management, Higher Education, Community Services, Financial Services, Federal Government Agencies, Power Generation, NSW Public Sector agency, Logistics co-ordination.
  • Recent Organisation Development projects with Systemix in Victorian public sector agencies.
  • Delivering lean six sigma training from several curricula to multinational organisations in China, India, Thailand, Singapore, Dubai, Korea, Japan and Australia, including management and project coaching for functional areas including sales and marketing, operations, administration and customer services.
  • Delivering lean six sigma training on behalf of the Australian Graduate School of Management.
  • Training and improvement projects in logistics, postal services and technologies, business process outsourcing, workers’ compensation, and other service and manufacturing environments.
  • Developing and implementing quality management systems in a variety of service and manufacturing organisations.

Other Professional Interests

  • Coaching lean start up teams for Climate LaunchPad.
  • Presenting on systems thinking approaches at LAST (Lean Agile Systems Thinking) in Melbourne in 2017 and 2018.
  • Member of SCIO (Systems and Cybernetics in Organisations), a UK based community of systems thinking practitioners.
  • Using Wardley Maps as an adjunct for strategy and business planning.
  • Using and coaching with “Plectica” online systems mapping.